MAY 2019 Newsletter



Chapter Social Date: Sunday May 19

Social Location: WaterStone Bank, 6560 S. 27th St. Oak Creek

Time: 3:00 PM

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler,  (Please note a new email address for Chapter G directors)  or 414-477-2138

Chapter Website:


1.Wed. May 8 – ROMEO Breakfast ride – to the Mad Rooster, located at 4401 W. Greenfield in Milwaukee. If the weather is good we’ll meet at the KwikTrip on 51st & Rawson at 7:45 and ride to the restaurant. If the weather doesn’t cooperate just meet at the restaurant at 8:30.

  1. Wed. May 15th Dinner ride to the Copper Dock Supper Club, 1474 E. Friess Lake Dr., Hubertus.As usual we’ll just meet at the restaurant at 5:30.
  2. Sunday May 19 at 3:00 PM, May Social. Please note that this is not the last Sunday in May. In order to avoid the Memorial Day holiday weekend we’re meeting a week earlier than usual                                                                                                                                                              Please read the district newsletter you got as well. It has much more information about district events than could be put in the chapter newsletter.


  1. Wed. June 12 ROMEO breakfast ride to Kat’s Café, 19680 W. National Av. (Hwy ES) New Berlin. We’ll meet at the KwikTrip on 51st& Rawson at 7:45 and ride to the restaurant.
  2. Wed. June 19, dinner ride to Bushy’s Pub & Grill S67W14831 Janesville Rd. Muskego. As usual we’ll just meet at the restaurant at 5:30. 3.
  3. Saturday June 22. 11AM to 3PM – Annual Chapter G fundraiser in conjunction with the Sportland 2 Open house and bike show. Sportland 2 is located at 7221 S. 13th St., Oak Creek. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE FROM THE PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED DATE FOR THE FUNDRAISER.
  4. Sunday June 30 at 3PM – Chapter G Social at the WaterStone bank locate at 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek.


Happy Mother’s Day to all our Chapter G moms.


Spring will finally arrive in Wisconsin for sure. After the return of winter we had in the middle of April, it’s great to know (with 99.9% certainty) that we won’t have to put the bikes away because it’s snowing. Hallelujah!

There are rides planned all over the district and we’ll have our usual ROMEO breakfast and dinner rides this month too. If you want to join some other chapters for rides check the district website and click on the events tab. All the events for every chapter in the district are listed on the calendar. As always the district Dust Off is this month too. It’s on the 17th & 18th at the Glacier Valley Campground near Cambria. (details are on the district website).

There are two dates that we want to bring to everyone’s attention:

1.The May social is not the last Sunday of the month as is usual, it’s Sunday May 19.

  1. The date for the chapter fundraiser in June has been changed to Saturday the 22nd. We had to move it from the previously announced date (Sat. the 15th) because Sportland2 changed the date of their open house.

Unfortunately, this now puts us in conflict with the District Rally in Wisconsin Rapids. We were really looking forward to the rally since it no longer conflicted with our annual Fall Fling, and now we find ourselves with conflicting dates again. Sometimes it seems like you just can’t win!

Any chapter G members who weren’t planning to attend the district rally are certainly invited to come see the open house and bike show at Sportland 2.  Also, if you’re not going to the rally we could certainly use your help with the fundraiser. It’s a lot of fun and it brings in money that we use for the chapter all year long.

By the time May arrives we all should have had the chance to get out on the bike and knock off some of the rust that always accumulates over the non-riding winter months. Even if the weather is a little cool in May it’s still better than it’s been in April. It’s really time to get out an put some quality miles on the old iron (OK – mostly plastic) horse.

Hope to see you all at one or more of the upcoming chapter and district rides this month.

Rich & Sharon Winkler – Chapter G directors

 Happy May Birthdays:  John Hickman – 8th; Lynn Borkenhagen – 15th.

Happy May Anniversaries:   Al & BJ Parrot – 6th.