Chapter Social Date: Sunday November 29, 2020

Social Location: To be determined. Members will be notified via email

Time: To be determined. Same as location.

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler,   or 414-477-2138

Chapter Website:  


1.Wed. Nov. 11. 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM. ROMEO lunch ride to Sobelmans North Shore, 10352 N Port Washington Rd Mequon. We’ll meet there at 11:30 for lunch and a good time with friends.  2. Wed. Nov. 18. 5:30 to 7:00 PM. Dinner ride to Papa Luigi’s Pizza 3475 E Layton Ave, Cudahy. As usual we’ll meet at the restaurant.                                                                                                       3. Sunday November 29 – November Social. LOCATION AND TIME TO BE DETERMINED. MEMBERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL.


1.Wed. Dec. 9 ROMEO breakfast ride to Melrose Cafe’ 6840 S 27th St, Oak Creek. We’ll meet at the restaurant at 8:30 as usual.                                                                                                      Because the month of December is so busy and filled with family events, we will continue what we’ve done the last few years and have neither a dinner ride or a social this month. See you all again in 2021,


November is the month Wisconsinites who are hunters really look forward to. Unfortunately, it also means the riding season is pretty much over. Time to get started winterizing the bike (and the car, and the house, and whatever else you need to do in preparation for winter).                      It’s hard to believe that Covid is still afflicting so many people in our state and country. It remains almost impossible to make any firm plans because of all the restrictions placed on people getting together. As noted above we’ll have our usual events in November, assuming no more restrictive mandates than we have now are issued by the government.                                As we’ve done in recent years, we’ll continue to suspend chapter activities in December following the monthly breakfast ride. We all need time to concentrate on preparing for Christmas and New Years and spending time with our families.                                                        At this time it’s uncertain whether the chapter will hold a holiday party in January as we’ve done the last few years. We’ll let everyone know via email if something can be arranged.                      We hope everyone has a great month of November and has a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

Rich & Sharon Winkler – Chapter G directors

November Birthdays: Ginnie Schattschneider – 20th.                                                                  November  Anniversaries: NONE