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Monthly newsletter articles published by the Chapter Director or Assistant Chapter Director

May 2018 Newsletter


CHAPTER G NEWS – May, 2018

Chapter Social Date: Sunday May 20.

Social Location: WaterStone Bank, 6560 S. 27th St. Oak Creek

Time: 3:00 PM

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, or 414-477-2138

Chapter Website:


  1. Wednesday May 9 ROMEO breakfast ride. We’ll meet at the restaurant at 8:30. The destination is Sunrise Restaurant, 2418 10th Av., So. Milwaukee.(Sunrise Shopping Center.)
  2. Wednesday May 16, monthly dinner ride. The destination this month is Open Flame Restaurant, 5081 S. 108th St. Greenfield. As usual we’ll meet at 5:30.
  3. Sunday May 20th at 3:00 PM – Chapter G social. Because the last Sunday of the month is on Memorial Day weekend we’ll meet on the second last Sunday. As always it’s at the WaterStone Bank located at 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek.


  1. Wednesday June 13th. ROMEO LUNCH RIDE. This month we will again meet for lunch rather than breakfast. If the weather is good we’ll meet at the KwikTrip on 51st & Rawson at 11:15 and ride to the Route 76 Diner located at 7510 W. Layton Av. Otherwise we’ll meet at the diner at noon.
  2. Saturday June 16th 11:00 AM to 3:00PM – Chapter G Fund raiser in conjunction with the Sportland 2 open house and bike show. We’ll again be serving brats, hotdogs, soda and all the fixings. We’ll need all the help we can get so please plan to join us for some fun and fellowship.
  3. Wednesday June 20 meet at the KwikTrip, 51st and Rawson at 4:00 PM and we’ll ride to the Mine Shaft Restaurant 22N Main St. Hartford WI. If the weather is bad just meet at the restaurant at 5:30 PM.
  4. Sunday June 24th 3:00 PM – Chapter G social at WaterStone bank, 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek.



 to all the wonderful wives and mothers of Chapter G.

Winter can’t continue into May! Can it???

After the brutal April we just lived through we have to get some days without snow, ice, and salt on the roads so we can actually get the bikes out and knock off some of the rust our riding skills developed over this seemingly never ending winter. Does April snow bring May flowers??

Dust Off is coming and there are a couple of chapter fundraiser brat fries this month.  Lots of places to go and fellow Wingers to see.  May will be a great month!

We’ll have our usual monthly breakfast and dinner rides.

We need as many members as possible to attend the May social because that’s the last good opportunity we have to plan for our annual fundraiser on June 16th .

The Spring District Operations meeting was held the beginning of April. One of the main points discussed was the fact that the national leadership is stressing the fact that being a “Motorcycle” organization, we need to spend less time with business and more time riding. You’ll see that our chapter will be doing that starting with our June Romeo Lunch ride, and particularly with our dinner ride to the Mine Shaft.

We’ll also be discussing and planning for some of the rides coming up this summer. It’s what we’re all about and what the national leadership wants to promote more than we have done in the past. Let’s ride more and have some fun on our bikes! Come join us and get involved in the planning.

Happy May Birthdays:  John Hickman – 8th; Lynn Borkenhagen – 15th..

 Happy May Anniversaries: Al & BJ Parrot 6th.

July – 2016



Chapter Social Date:  Sunday July 31, 2016

Social Location:   WaterStone Bank, 6560 S. 27th St., Oak Creek

Time: The social will start at 3:00 PM

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, or 414-477-2138

Chapter Website:


  1. Wednesday July 13th. ROMEO breakfast ride. We’ll meet at the KwikTrip station at 51st & Rawson at 7:45. Destination picked is The Machine Shed, located at I94 and Hwy 164/Cty J.
  2. Wednesday July 20. Dinner ride to Double B BBQ & Burgers, 7220 W. Greenfield Av. West Allis. Meet at the restaurant at 5:30 for a good meal and lots of fellowship. We just may ride for dessert afterward.
  3. Saturday July 23 – Monday July 25. Terry will lead a ride to Pontiac IL, leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday morning. He’s found lots of interesting things to see and do in this town that still celebrates its location on Route 66. The IL district rally is in Pontiac that weekend and they’ve arranged good rates with the Best Western and Quality Inn motels for that weekend. Just tell them you’re with the Goldwing group. The phone numbers of the motels: BW – 815-842-2777; QI – 815-844-4444.
  4. Sunday July 31. Chapter G Social at WaterStone Bank located at 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek. The social starts at 3:00PM.


1.Wednesday August 10; ROMEO breakfast ride. Meet at the KwikTrip station at 51st  & Rawson at 7:45. From there we’ll ride to the chosen restaurant. The destination will be chosen at the July social.

  1. Saturday August 13; We’ll again be holding our annual corn roast/picnic at Jackson Park picnic area 10 from 10 AM to 4 PM.. It’s always a fun time with lots of socializing and great food. We’ll supply the brats, dogs, buns, corn, and soda. You bring a dish to pass. Members from all chapters are cordially invited to join us, but in particular chapters F and N are challenged to compete for the traveling “Chapter Challenge Trophy” which was started in chapter G and is presently held by chapter N. Chapter G has every intention of taking back “our” trophy by “kicking butt” at some outdoor games.
  2. Wednesday August 17; August Dinner ride. Meet at Steakhouse 100, 7246 W. Greenfield Av. West Allis at 5:30. Good food and great company, as always.
  3. Sunday August 28 starting at 3:00PM. August social at the WaterStone bank located at 6560 S. 27th St. in Oak Creek. In addition to the usual things we’ll be finalizing plans for the Fall Fling at Konkapot Lodge from Sept. 16 – 18.

 From The Director:

Well folks June is history, and a fine month it was. Plenty of great riding weather, lots of opportunities for us to spend time together and a fundraiser that was a great success.

On June 25, which was a beautiful day, we held our annual fundraiser in conjunction with the Sportland 2 open house and bike show.

Sportland 2, as usual, had a great stunt show which was enjoyed by everyone, with the possible exception of one man:


We sold lots of delicious food and good cold drinks:


Thank you Anna for setting up and running your bake sale again to raise money for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and Christen for raising funds for the MS Society. Your efforts for charity are wonderful.


 Our gorgeous ladies worked hard and represented the chapter well:


The men worked hard too:


Honest we REALLY did!!

We want to thank Sportland 2 for again giving us this opportunity to raise funds for the chapter’s operations. We also want to thank all the members who participated in the event and worked so hard to make it successful. You are the best!!

July and August are going to be busy too. Beside our breakfast and dinner rides each month we’ll have a 3 day ride lead by Terry to Pontiac IL. from Saturday July 23 through Monday July 25.

On Saturday August 13 we’ll have our annual chapter G corn roast/picnic. The chapter will supply the corn, brats, buns, and soda. You should bring the traditional Wisconsin “dish to pass”.

This year we’ve invited chapters F and N again, but have also challenged them to some sort of  outdoors  contest to see if we can get the chapter challenge trophy back where it belongs. THAT WOULD BE WITH CHAPTER G !!!

In addition, any and all chapters are invited to join us for a fun time with lots of good food.

We hope to see you all at the events we’ve got planned for this summer. The more time we spend together the more fun we’ll have.

As always, ride safe and have fun.

Rich & Sharon Winkler – Chapter G Directs

 Happy July Birthdays:

Art Kuenstler – 1st

Happy July Anniversaries:



Chapter Social: Because of the busy holiday season there will be no December social.

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, 414-477-2138 or

Chapter Website:


Wednesday Dec. 10 – ROMEO breakfast ride. Meet at the Mobil station 6700 S. 27th St. (across from Walmart) at 7:45. Destination determined at the Nov. social.

Saturday Dec. 13 – Chapter G Christmas Party. S70W15234 Sandalwood Dr. (The clubhouse at Terry & Anna’s complex. It’s on the opposite side of Mooreland road from their condo.) BYOB and a dish to pass.


Wed. January 14, 2015  – Romeo Breakfast Ride, Destination to be determined. Meet at the Mobil station – 6700 S. 27th St. (across from Walmart) at 7:45. Destination will be chosen at the Nov. ’14 social.

Wed. January 21 – Dinner Ride – 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Meet at That’s Amore’ – 5080 S. 108th St.

Sun. January 25, Chapter G Social –  3:00 PM – 5:00 PM. WaterStone bank 6560 S. 27th St. Oak Creek

From The Director:

First we want to wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

2014 certainly flew by. It’s hard to believe it’s December already. As busy as it always is, December will be gone before we know it.


We had a very fruitful and enjoyable 2014. We continued many events which have become traditions within the chapter, and also started some events which may become regular happenings too.

We want to give a great big THANK YOU to our outgoing Chapter Educator, Terry Werth. All of us looked forward to Terry’s monthly educator’s reports because they were always about a topic of great interest and value to us. One of the best things about them was that they were often about things we’d never thought about before.

We also want to welcome and thank our new Educator Dick Choyke. Anyone who has  attended one of Dick’s seminar presentations knows how much fun and interest he always manages to bring to the subjects he presents.

We also have to note with sadness the passing of two or our longtime friends and members, Ernie Olson and Bob Podd. They both will be greatly missed.

We also want to wish Mike Stockinger a quick recovery from the knee replacement surgery he had on November 20th.

Since it’s now the dead of winter, and our 2015 riding season is several months in the future, it’s a good time to get ahead of the curve with the projects that we put off so we could go riding during what passed for summer in 2014. (At least I definitely did that. Maybe some of you are more grown up than I am.) I always try to get that kind of stuff done now, so I don’t have to feel guilty when we’re out playing during the riding season.

Here’s hoping that 2015 is a great year for all of us and we get to enjoy many rides and other events with our Chapter G family.

Rich & Sharon Winkler

Chapter Directors; WI-G

Happy (December) Birthdays


Happy (December) Anniversary

Bob and Diana Gorecki (10) Gene & Pam Lingford (13)

November 2014

November, 2014

Chapter Social:  Sunday November 30, at 3:00PM; WaterStone Bank – 6560 S. 27th St

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, 414-477-2138 or

Chapter Website:


Saturday Nov. 8 – Wisconsin District fall OP’s meeting at Wintergreen Resort Wisconsin Dells

Saturday Nov. 8 – Chili dump at Donn & Tracy Powers’ house. W248S10890 Center Dr. Mukwonago. 5:00 – ???. Bring your own drinks and a  small batch of chili.

Wednesday Nov. 12 – ROMEO breakfast ride. Meet at the Andy’s gas station at Rawson Av. and 51st St at 7:45, leave at 8:00. Destination to be determined.

Wednesday Nov. 19 – Dinner ride to St. Francis Brewery, 3825 S. Kinnickinnic, St. Francis WI

Sunday Nov. 30 – Chapter G Social at 3:00PM; WaterStone Bank – 6560 S. 27th St


Wed. Dec. 10  – Romeo Breakfast Ride, Destination to be determined. Meet at Andy’s Gas Station on 51st & Rawson at 7:45 AM.

Sat. Dec.13 – 5:30 – 10:30 PM. Chapter Christmas party. S70W15234 Sandalwood Dr. (Terry & Anna’s complex clubhouse) BYOB and a dish to pass.

Because of the busy holiday season the members decided to skip a social in December.

From The Director:

Hope you managed to get in a few rides in October. There weren’t any really warm days, but at least there were some that were semi-nice.

The ROMEO breakfast club had a nice ride down to northern Illinois to a neat old time type diner. The food was good and really reasonably priced. Thanks go out to  Bob Schattschneider for leading the ride. We’ll see how the November ride turns out.

Unfortunately, our riding season here in Wisconsin is winding down rapidly. It’s definitely time to plan and carry out the winterization process for your bike. Wings don’t require extensive work to winterize but a few jobs are smart and effective. Changing the oil, filling the gas tank (and adding Stabil), getting the battery on a maintenance charger, and getting the tires off the concrete floor are all simple and effective measures to prepare the trusty steed for the long winter hibernation.

While our riding opportunities are dwindling we’re still going to be pretty busy. We’ll have several chances to get together. Thank you Donn and Tracy Powers for the invitation to your house for a chili dump/get together. And, of course, we’ll have our monthly ROMEO breakfast ride on the 12th and dinner ride on the 19th.

At the November social we’ll be giving out a pair of tires to the two people whose tickets are drawn and we’re adding a nice prize as an incentive to get out and ride more, to whomever has the lowest mileage for the year.

At the November social we’ll also finalize our plans for the chapter Christmas party on Saturday December 13.

Hope to see you at one or more of our events and the social. If you have any questions feel free to contact us, using the contact info listed above.

Finally, we hope everyone has a happy Thanks Giving day.

Rich & Sharon Winkler

Chapter Directors; WI-G

Happy (November) Birthdays

Pam LIngford (15); Ginny Schattschneider (20); Dick Choyke (22); Candy Gorecki (26)

Happy (November) Anniversary

Bob and Diana Gorecki (25)


October 2014

We are a family organization based in the metropolitan Milwaukee Area. We have been in existence since 1983 and we are the largest GWRRA chapter in the state of Wisconsin. Besides our love of Gold Wings, we love to have fun. You will commonly see our members riding together and doing non-motorcycling events. We enjoy meeting new people and we accept new members with open arms. If you have a technical question, most likely someone in our group will be able to assist. Our activities range from safety fairs, weekend camping/hotel trips, winter getaways to fight those winter non-biking blues, hockey games, fundraisers, dinner rides, and the list goes on and on. So, put down the kickstand and take a ride through our pages. If you happen to be in the neighborhood on a social night, stop in, we’d love to see you.

Chapter Social: Sunday October 26 at 3:00PM; WaterStone Bank – 6560 S. 27th St

Contact: Rich & Sharon Winkler, 414-477-2138 or

Chapter Website:

Wednesday Oct. 8 – ROMEO breakfast ride. Meet at the Andy’s gas station at Rawson Av. and 51st St at 7:45, leave at 8:00. Destination to be determined.

Wednesday Oct. 15– Dinner ride to Joe’s K Ranch 5:30-7:30PM. 4840 S. Whitnall Av. Cudahy

Sunday Oct. 19 – Ride to Fitzgerald’s Genoa Junction, 727 Main Street (Hwy B) Genoa City WI, for a fish boil (or BBQ chicken and ribs) along with Chapters F, H, & N. Arrive about 3:00PM.

Sunday Oct. 26 – Chapter G Social at 3:00PM; WaterStone Bank – 6560 S. 27th St

Wed. Nov. 12 – Romeo Breakfast Ride, Destination to be determined. Meet at Andy’s Gas Station on 51st & Rawson at 7:45 AM.

Wed. Nov. 19 – 5:30 – 7:30 PM. Dinner Ride to St. Francis Brewery 3825 S. Kinnickinnic Av. St. Francis WI

Sun. – Nov. 30– Chapter G Social at WaterStone Bank 3:00PM. 6560 S. 27th St. Oak Creek.

From The Director:

Fall is truly and sincerely here and our 2014 riding season is reaching its end.

The good news is that there are always some nice days in October which invite rides into the Wisconsin countryside. We get some beautiful colors during the fall which are really a joy to view while riding.

While our riding opportunities may be decreasing we are still planning many events so we won’t be losing track of our friends in Chapter G. From the activities section above you can see that we’re still busy and sharing our time with each other.

There is some news concerning our upcoming 2015 Winter Getaway. It will be held, as usual, on the first weekend in March (6th – 8th) and, as usual, will be in the Wisconsin Dells area. In 2015, however, we were forced to change our destination. For the past several years we had been staying at the Skyline Motel. Unfortunately, the Skyline no longer exists. It has been purchased by Olympia resorts. So we’ve re-located our get together to the Wintergreen Resort, located at 100 Gasser Rd. in Lake Delton. They will hold a block of 15 rooms until February 23. We’ve negotiated a group price of $79/night + tax. We will also have a hospitality room at our disposal. To get our group price be sure to tell the reservation clerk that you are with GWRRA Chapter G. The reservation number is 1-800-648-4765-1.

We had our annual Fall Fling at Konkapot Lodge near Bowler WI. The weather could have been better, but all of us who attended had a good time and as always, Bob Gorecki did a fantastic job with the Friday night shrimp boil and the Saturday night turkey fry and ham bake. Thanks Bob, and also thanks to all who brought goodies to share with every one. We also were able to have two great campfires which were presided over by our Empress of Embers Diana Gorecki.

At the October Social we’ll draw our cards and find our winners for the 2014 Circle Tour. If you haven’t already done so you can still fill out your entry form and give us your entry fee. You don’t have to be there to draw your cards, but the answers must be turned in at or before the October social and someone else can draw your cards for you.

Your chapter officers are working on setting up a calendar of events for next year. We’d really like to have a fairly complete calendar set by November. In this project we really need your help. Please continue to think of places you’d like to ride to and new places for our monthly dinner rides. It would be great if you also came up with rides you’d be willing to lead. We’re all involved in our chapter, so let’s all pitch in with ideas and planning. This really is a case of “the more the merrier”.

Hope to see you at any or all of our events this month and in the months to follow.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about anything involving chapter G please feel free contact us at the contact points listed at the top of this newsletter.

Rich & Sharon Winkler,
Chapter Directors; WI-G

Happy (October) Birthdays
Anna Werth (8th), Rich Winkler (16th)

Happy (October) Anniversaries
Art & Pat Kuenstler (14th)