GWRRA Wisconsin Chapter G –Tours


Chapter G will have a mileage contest again in 2015.  For those members that participated in the 2014 contest that had their ending mileage read, we’ll use this for the 2015 starting mileage. Everyone else can get starting mileage read by an Officer anytime. Anyone that gets their starting mileage read automatically qualifies for a raffle ticket. Then for every 1,000 miles (or fraction thereof)  ridden, participants get an additional ticket. Ending mileage should be read on or before the November Social by an Officer. A drawing will be held during the December Social and winners don’t need to be present to win.  There will be a secondary contest for closest guess of average mileage.

The fine print:

There is no cost to participate.  The contest applies to motorcycles only. Limit of one participant per motorcycle. But participant can have multiple motorcycles (each must have mileage read).  The contest is open to any GWRRA member who attends six Chapter G events in 2015 (rides, Socials, etc…) to qualify for the drawing.  Prizes are TBD.


This year’s Circle Tour, titled “What Wingers Love”,  has been set up. You can get a copy of the entry form and the rules along with the locations and questions to answer for each location at any chapter social starting in April, or they can be emailed to you by contacting  Rich & Sharon Winkler.


Expect a new game for 2015.  Vicki & Paul Hansen from Chapter N will begin running the game.


Interested in Wisconsin’s Rustic Road program?  Tour 10 roads, get a patch.  Tour 25 roads, get a certificate.  No time limit.  Pictures are required as proof.  Refer to and for more information.

Here is a reprint of an article regarding Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads, appearing in the March 2003 Wing World magazine.


Visit all of the Wisconsin chapters, get a patch or pin!  Make sure it gets signed by the Chapter Director when you visit.  A separate signature is needed for the rider and co-rider.  Here is the link to the 2014 form: